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SFIA Baggage Handling

San Francisco International Airport – ICS Baggage Handling System


Total weight: 1,084,459 lbs.

Materials used:

  • 19-W-2 1 1/2” x 1/8” with 1/8” Checkered Plate
  • 19-W-4 1-1/2” x 1/8” (109,802 / 14,050 sf)

Interstate Gratings was awarded the grating project for the San Francisco International Airport (SFIA) — Individual Carrier System (ICS) Baggage Handling System. This project is the first ICS Baggage Handling System built in the United States. As a company that performs high-quality and high-standard work, we were honored to be the grating supplier. This project consisted of an extremely aggressive schedule in multiple phases.

This state-of-the-art Baggage Handling System requires the highest precision and attention to detail. We helped value engineer the bar grating to ensure it met the budget constraints of the project. We derived a grating solution that met the budget, the performance, and the fire suppression features that the project and system required.

Dedicated to this project, the IG team was able to execute and meet the schedule, delivering 39 shipments of the grating to date measuring up to 896,424 pounds.

Construction of the next phase of the ICS Baggage Handling System is set to begin in 2021-2022 and IG will be excited to further execute the plan with the high-quality service they are known for.

Data Centers

Data Centers

Total weight: Over 2,500,000 lbs.

Materials Used: Various Grating Types and Sizes 

It is vital for data centers to have proper air circulation. Currently, air circulation is a common challenge faced in data centers where equipment needs to be cooled with adequate airflow. Metal Bar Grating is an ideal solution for data centers. Bar Grating can be is used for various applications such as platform walkways and mechanical support while allowing for optimal air circulation. Interstate Gratings has supplied grating for air plenums, generator platforms, chiller platforms and more. Data center construction is projected to gross $45 billion dollars from 2018-2023 and Interstate Gratings is prepared to provide a ‘Grate’ solution for data centers of any size.

San Francisco Central Subway

San Francisco Central Subway

Total weight: 3,716 lbs

Materials Used: 2 x 3/16″ Egg Crate Grating

Bulk Head Grills for the San Francisco Central Subway. 

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