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Our History

At Interstate Gratings, we care about our clients, our employees, and our quality craftsmanship.

Founded in 2007, we sought to bridge the gap between corporate necessity and the realities of the work itself. With that guiding principle, we’ve built an employee-centered, full-service grating company that’s driven by strong client connections and high-quality products.

At Interstate Gratings, we’re committed to manufacturing and fabricating high-caliber products and providing clients with an exceptional customer experience. Staffed by grating experts, our team has years of experience working on the front lines of manufacturing. Our knowledgeable sales staff has first-hand experience in grating manufacturing and fabrication and they’re ready to answer any question you may have.

We’re prepared to take on projects of any scope or schedule. Our team of experts works directly with manufacturers to build specially designed machinery and equipment utilizing the latest technology and best practices. Our in-house detailing team specializes in value engineering and cost saving design services, and their expert CAD knowledge allows for easy-to-read shop & erection drawings, and loading calculations for grating capabilities. With our focus on quality, our inspections include in-house raw material testing and traceability, galvanizing testing, paint testing, cross rod strength testing, job specification conformances, and more. 

Interstate Gratings- Lindon, Utah

By utilizing advanced software programs, we provide live project management for clients, and have created a sustainable workplace. Our digital environment links sales, engineering, production planning, shop floor, shipping, and quality control without generating a single piece of paper. Not only does this help us remain environmentally conscious and responsible, but this technology allows us to better track project progress, eliminate mistakes, and meet project deadlines. 

As a proud American manufacturer located in the hub of the West, we’re committed to doing business according to our higher standards. Interstate Gratings began in an attempt to connect the two sides of our business, and we’ve continued to create connection between our company, our employees, and our clients. We happily invite you to contact our team of experts for any of your grating needs.


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Interstate Gratings is a Proud Member of the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers

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